The Florida Ballet Conservatory

Today’s requirements for a career in dance are greater than ever as ballet technique involves consistent and dedicated training. It requires athletic and psychological stamina, dedication, and sacrifice. Adolescents with aspirations to become a professional dancer must be able to balance their academic career as well as maintain the rigorous training schedule in pursuit of this goal. With this in mind, The Florida Ballet launched the Conservatory Program in the fall of 2011 providing a full time, pre-professional program designed to prepare students ages 11-18 for a performing career in professional ballet. Students enrolled in the program receive detailed and intensive training five days per week with dedicated time to continue academic studies through homeschooling or online virtual school.

The Florida Ballet Conservatory features:

  • Morning ballet class (M-F) followed by adequate time and facilities for online school work plus weekday afternoon and Saturday Training Center classes.
  • All classes incorporate the AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE® National Training Curriculum.
  • Community Outreach Performances: Conservatory students will be featured in educational and concert performances offered to schools, senior citizen centers and civic organizations.

Why is this program important to the student?

The goal of any professional training program is to help the student maximize his or her potential in Dance. The student may be preparing for a performing career or another related field such as teaching, choreography, dance therapy, dance photography and many more possibilities. In all these fields, the art form is constantly growing. The present standards for professionals are much higher than even just a decade ago. Students who have the advantage of a thorough training program are better prepared to meet the standards of a competitive career.

What are the schedule requirements?

The studio opens at 8:30 am. Students arriving at this time may use it to work on their academics, prepare for class, etc. There is a morning ballet class 5 days a week starting at 9 am for all Conservatory students. In addition to the morning ballet classes, master classes or supplemental classes in other disciplines may be offered. Participation in these additional classes will be based on the student’s ability to complete academic requirements. There will be a designated lunch time for students followed by designated afternoon hours for academics. Conservatory students will then join the Training Center students for “after school” classes. Conservatory students will have weekday afternoon classes 3-4 days per week as well as Saturdays. If an afternoon class is not scheduled, students may leave after morning classes.

Extra classes and activities

All Conservatory students will be required to maintain the above schedule and meet their academic requirements. For those who have met these requirements, they will participate in performances that serve the community. These performances will be presented at academic school assemblies and community centers. Participation in these performances will be credited to the Conservatory students’ public service requirements through their academic programs.

Academic Policy

Dance training teaches students solid work habits and time management skills. We expect Conservatory students to apply these traits to their academics. If a student is falling behind in academics, he or she will be expected to spend the time before class in the morning on academics. If necessary, the student will not be permitted to attend supplemental/master classes or participate in rehearsals/performances. The office will require a written notice from parents and/or the academic program setting up academic performance expectations for each month. During performance weeks, students will be encouraged to complete academic work ahead of schedule. Parents have sole choice of academic program for their child.


Conservatory students are not permitted to leave the building until the completion of their day. They should bring their lunch and any snacks with them to the studio.

Students are required to audition for the Conservatory. Audition fee is $25. For further information, please email the Administrative Director,, or call 904-353-7518.