Student Choreography Showcase


3rd Annual Student Choreography Showcase 

Friday, April 12 at 6:30 pm 

Performance Description:

Join us on Friday, April 12, 6:30 pm, to celebrate the diverse and creative works of four young aspiring choreographers. This project, entirely student organized will feature Florida Ballet trainees presenting pieces created by fellow dancers. Admission is free with donations gladly accepted. The students will donate 75% of any donations received to Jacksonville's Animal Care and Protective Services, located at 2020 Forest St. Jacksonville, FL 32204.  

Performance Information:

Date: Friday, April 12, 6:30 pm 

Location: The Florida Ballet Studios

300 East State Street Suite E, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Free Admission

*Donations Gladly Accepted 

"Sir Duke" by Amina Kolenc (17 years old)
Amina's piece is set to Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder. She wanted to embrace and emulate the fun, upbeat, and funky rhythm of Stevie Wonder through her choreography. She used the themes of unity and happiness from the song to inspire a dance that compliments it and brings it to life.


"Own Path" by Ester Kosik (14 years old)

Ester's piece is set to a piece of music in Russian. Her piece is about how one could be trying to steal or takeaway someone else's success, and then only realizing after all the chaos that they had their own path to a happier life right in front of them the whole time. 


"A Hint of Color" by Kendall MacMillan (16 years old)

Kendall's piece is a ballet jazz dance made for a school event. It adds hints of the 50's and modern dance. 


"Peace of Mind" by Morgan Olschewske (15 years old)

Morgan's piece is set to Renee by an artist called SALES. She was inspired by the beauty of simply existing without any fear or remorse. Morgan says, "I really wanted to create something that felt good to dance for myself, so that's what I did."