The Florida Ballet offers male ballet classes at varying levels.

The focus of these classes offers technique and movement specific to the male dancer. For the older more advanced male dancer, partnering classes are included in the curriculum. Ballet offers many benefits to males as well. Improved coordination, flexibility, and body awareness can be used both in the ballet studio and out in the sports arena. We invite any boys interested in ballet to come and give it a try!

Our Free Ballet for Boys Series introduces male dancers, ages 8-14, to the fundamentals of ballet. These free classes help boys decide if ballet is right for them. We welcome all new dancers in this commitment-free, three-class series, with the goal of giving students the basic foundations and an appreciation of dance.

The final class acts as a placement assessment for our Student Division programs. Students must attend the full series (all three classes) but are not required to pay an audition fee. Register early, as class size is limited. Classes that do not meet minimum enrollment may be cancelled.


Contact us for further details about the Free Ballet for Boys Series and enrollment information for our current class offerings.